As you have undoubtedly experienced, it becomes increasingly difficult to innovate rapidly and efficiently in complex and rapidly changing sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, ICT, Manufacturing and FMCG.

U-Sentric is proud to announce the First Human-Centered Design Summit that deals with how Human-Centered Design is key to fuelling cheaper and faster innovation, leading to sustainable growth.

The focus of the Summit is on how to put Human-Centered Design into practice and combines inspiring talks, hands-on workshops and concrete cases from a variety of industry sectors.

Join the summit, share the passion and start translating your customers insights into new and improved products and services!

With Ben Jacobs, Santosh Basapur and Kim Erwin as speakers.

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  • 12:30

    Welcome lunch


Irish College Leuven

Irish CollegeJanseniusstraat 1
3000 Leuven

17 november, 12:30