Precision medicine will enable stratification of individuals regarding their susceptibility to a particular disease, their prognosis for recovery, their response to a specific treatment, and so on. This in turn will point to the most suitable treatment (drug or tool based) available for certain patient populations and the development of new targeted drugs and tools for other patients. This way, people will get the most personalized and most effective treatment with the least amount of side-effects. It is anticipated but remains to be proven that such precision treatment will contribute to overall cost reduction. Imec is one of the labs pioneering precision tools for health, it be on the cell level (tools for cell and molecular diagnosis) or on the physiological level (wearable physiological and vital sign sensors). While the possibilities are truly endless, tremendous technical and health economics challenges need to be solved or addressed: In this presentation we will review the opportunities and challenges above based on examples of imec innovations in partnership with industry, clinicians and end-users.


Jo De Boeck

Jo De Boeck

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, imec


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MIC Genk

C-Mine 12
3600 Genk

7 juni, 17:00

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