Schrijf je in voor een tweedaagse introductieworkshop Xamarin en ontdek de mogelijkheden voor mobile, cross platform ontwikkeling.

C# is one of the most popular development languages in the world. While it was originally possible to build .NET apps running on Windows-based devices only, the game has changed. Dramatically. Using Xamarin, a commercial product, we can now write apps which run on Android and iOS devices natively using C#. This way, C# allows us to target billions of extra devices using the language we all love. The experiences which users get from Xamarin-base apps is fully native: the apps aren’t web-based, trimmed-down versions of the apps. Instead, they offer the full functionality of the platform they target.

The impact in terms of re-using code is huge. We can build an architecture with this cross-platform functionality in mind and construct it so that a lot (or maybe we should say: most) of our code can be re-used in Windows Phone, iOS and Android apps.

Knowledge of C# and Visual Studio is required

PC requirements: in this course, we will make some hands-on labs.

To be ready for the labs, install Xamarin Business Edition trial from http://xamarin.com/download. This will install an emulator as well. If you have an Android device, it’s advised to run your labs on a device instead.

Note that you will NOT be able to run any apps targeting iOS without a Mac. If you have a Mac, do bring it along and install Xamarin Studio on the machine.

This workshop takes place on February 8 and 9, 2016 in GHENT.  Click here for the agenda.







Gill Cleeren

Gill Cleeren

Microsoft Regional Director

Gill Cleeren is Microsoft Regional Director, Client Dev MVP, Pluralsight trainer and Telerik MVP. He lives in Belgium where he works as .NET architect at Ordina. He gives sessions, webcasts and trainings on new as well as existing technologies.


  • 9:00

    Start of the morning session

  • 12:00

    Free sandwich lunch

  • 13:00

    Start of the afternoon session

  • 17:00



MIC Gent

AA Tower

Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 19

9052 Gent

8 februari, 09:00

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