Do you have -by your experience in life or professional-  ideas or opinions on how ICT or gaming can optimize the older adults wellbeing in Flanders ? Do you have ideas on how older people can stay longer at home by using ICT or gaming ? Or are you just fascinated by this topic ?

Grab your chance and give us your opinion or ideas and help building the cornerstones of healthcare in Flanders and Europe !

Register below for the Brainstorm and/or Hackathon organised by MIC Flanders from 22nd till 24th September in Ghent as a part of the European AAL Program.

The purpose of the brainstorm is to capture the needs and challenges existing in elderly care today and see how ICT can be the solution to optimize the situation or solve the problem.

During the hackathon you will be part of a team of care professionals, policy makers, technical people and other professionals. The teams will be developing new ICT applications which will give an answer to a formulated today’s need in healthcare to optimize the life of the elderly.  We are looking for developers, UX designers, marketeers, jack-of-all-trades,... At the end of the hackathon every application or game will be linked to an active business plan and will be presented to a team of venture capitalists.


  • 09:00


  • 18:00



ICC Gent

Van Rysselberghedreef 2

9000 Gent

22 september, 09:00

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